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News - Exeter Sports Club Darts League
Week 9, December5

Following the match between Jubilee and previously-unbeaten Labour Club there’s been a change in the top spot with Whipton B taking over they are now the only unbeaten team in the league. Jubilee beat visitors Labour 5-4. Another 5-4 took place between Whipton B, who take the top spot, and St Martins. Whipton’s Michael Watkins got a 120 start but still lost his game with C Durrant. Further down the league Polsloe and Priory lost 8-1 to St Thomas A with Captain Harry Hoare being the only St Thomas player to lose. Heavitree A also recorded an 8-1 win against Whipton A. Ben Davis recorded a 108 shot out for the visitors. St Thomas B lost again this time 6-3 to Heavitree B. Finally, Whipton C beat West C who faced an uphill battle as they could only muster five players.


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Week 8, November 28

Polsloe and Priory off the bottom!
Not much movement in the league positions this week except to say that Polsloe and Priory came off the bottom with their first win of the season when they beat West C 6-3 and that St Martins swopped places with Whipton A. In Labour’s win over Whipton C, Whipton’s Sam Holmes went out on 116. Whipton B thrashed St Thomas B 7-2, Brandon Stow started on 152 and Dan Bevan finished on 100, both for Whipton B. That was all the starts, finishes, etc. for the week except for S Taylor recording a 120 start for West C.


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Week 7 - November14

And then there were two . . .
Jubilee has been top of the league for six weeks but they met their match this week in the shape of Whipton B. In the tightest of matches Jubilee won the first three singles but Whipton came back, winning the other three and then two of the three doubles to get the points. Dan Bevan started a leg with 110. Labour remain unbeaten also, they saw off Polsloe 7-2 and go top of the tree with the help of John Dawson who started on 160 and C Tucker who started on 101. St Thomas A made short work of Whipton A winning 8-1 with Nick Staddon starting on 112. Heavitree A were on good form when they won their match against West C 7-2. Heavitree’s Andy Farrell started on 155 in his 9-darter in his game with Brian Kemble. Whipton C won 8-1 against Heavitree B with the only Heavitree winner  being Andy Crocker. St Thomas B took visitors, St Martins, to 4-4 before losing the last game 2-1. St Tom’s Sam Partington had a 112 start.


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Week 6, November 7th

It’s getting interesting
Week six sees no change at the top and just one swap of places lower down the league. Next week will see a split in the unbeaten three as Jubilee take on Whipton B. Back to week six: Jubilee (Darren Weston 100 and Wayne Edworthy 120 starts) continued to be unbeaten although it was a close-run thing at four-all and leg-and-leg with lowly St Tom B. Labour are equal with Whipton B (Dan Bevan and Phil Ward recorded 180s, Dan also had 108 and 146 starts, and Brandon Stow had a 136 start all for the B side) in second. St Tom A remain fourth with two 180s for Nick Staddon and 120 start for Julian Budd. Rob Wilson chipped in with a 105 start. Whipton A had a tight match against West C winning 5-4 with Stu Harding getting a 180 and Brian Kemble starting with 120, AJ Jones on 100, and Whipton’s Phil Harding also on 100.


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Week 5, October 31st

No change at the top

Week five was pretty unremarkable as our league goes, there was only one mover and that was St Tom B leapfrogging West C down near the bottom. The top three teams all had big wins with Jubilee taking out St Martins 7-2, Whipton B beating Polsloe 8-1 with a 180 from Shane Bevan, Olly Young had a 115 start and Paul Richards started on 112. Labour Club demolished Whipton A 9-0. St Tom A beat West C with the help of Nick Staddon’s nine-dart leg including a 105 finish and Alan Curgenven shooting out on 100. In the local Derby between Heavitree A and B Andy Newnam shot out on 100. Finally, St Tom’s Dan Kennedy recorded a 110 start.


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Week 4, October 17- Commentary

That’s more like it!
5-4 wins at darts are like red busses – you wait for three weeks and then comes along come four! Top team Jubilee were one of two teams to not get a 5-4 they beat Whipton C 7-2 but this was a tight match even though Jubilee went 5-0 up all of those games went three legs, then a 2-0 in the first doubles followed by a further two three-leggers. There were two notable starts one from Wayne Edworthy 120 and the other from Sid Peters 100 both for the home side. Second-in-the-league team Whipton B were at home to Heavitree A and beat them 6-3, Whipton went 4-2 up in the singles and clinched the points after the first two doubles. Olly Young finished one leg on 110 taking just the two darts. Third team, Labour, faced fourth team, St Tom A and after losing the first game went 4-1 up. They lost the final singles but secured the points on the second pairs. The visitors won the last game. St Tom’s Julian Budd recorded a 160 and a 100 start. Whipton A had a nip and tuck match with Heavitree B, getting to 2-2 and then 4-4 before nailing the points on the ninth game when Mary Melton and ?? lost to Whipton’s John Clark and Mike Bending 2-1. Yet another tight match was St Martin’s v West C, this one went 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 until finally West C nailed the final doubles 5-4 with the legs 11-10. Finally, the last match was also a 5-4 as the bottom two teams, St Tom B and Polsloe and Priory, faced each other. This one went 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 in the singles but the pairs saw St Tom go two up to take the points. St Tom’s Dan Kennedy got a 150 start and Mark Boyland a 101 start.

It’s the Knockout Cup preliminary round next week, see the news page to see where you’re playing.


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Week 3 - October 10

Not a five-four in sight


Four of our matches finished 8-1 and two at seven-two bit of polarisation here but it may change next week as Labour face St Tom A and Whipton Social B tackle Heavitree A.
Moving back to week three’s results let’s see who got what. Top team Jubilee broke their record by losing one game when Polsloe’s Ethan Prout beat Jake Mearns. Jubilee won 8-1. Warren Jones got away with a 105 start for the home side. Second-in-the-table Whipton Social B beat their A side 8-1 also with Olly Young nailing another 180. The other side who have yet to be beaten, Labour, beat West C 7-2 with Kieren Peek getting a 180 and registering a 107 start. Moving down the pecking order St Tom A beat Heavitree B 8-1 to keep up the pressure on the top three. Whipton Social C had a 7-2 victory over St Martins, Whipton’s new signing Si Holmes got away on 128 and St Martin’s Chris Toborne had a 116 start. Lastly poor St Tom B had another 8-1 beating this time from Heavitree A whose Jordan Turner had a 180 and got away with 120 against St Tom’s George Hall.




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Week 2, October 3

Early days yet
Although we’ve played only two matches there is a trend forming already with Jubilee having won twice both times at 9-0. They are followed by the summer league winners, Whipton Social and the Labour Club. Fourth in the table are St Thomas A who were beaten 6-3 by Whipton B. At the bottom of the table are three teams on the same points and games, West C, St Thomas B and Polsloe and Priory. There were only two cards recording starts and finishes and no 180s. Whipton Social A’s Jim Hall went 103 and 105 away, Phil Harding 112 start while S Harding got a 102 out shot. In the match between Whipton B and St Thomas A Phil Ward got a 101 out and St Tom’s Nick Staddon got a 119.
Next week look out for wins for St Martins, Labour, St Tom A, Whipton Social B, Heavitree A and of course early runners Jubilee.




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No five-fours yet
Welcome everyone to the first week of the season and a special welcome to new teams St Martins Football Club and Heavitree B we are pleased that you have joined us. On to the matches, Jubilee (Tom Horn recorded a 180) stormed away with a 9-0 thrashing of Whipton Social A (revenge will be sweet later in the season eh?) while there were two 8-1 victories, the first when St Thomas A handed out another thumping to their B side and the other big win was by summer champions Social B to West C. Then there were two 7-2s St Martins  over Polsloe and Labour (Aiden Mann 180) over Heavitree B (D Horn 102 finish) and a 6-3 Heavitree A (Ben Davis 180 and Jordan Turner 108 start) over Whipton C.
If you want your 180s and either big, over 100, starts or finishes be sure to jot them down on the card.


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Summer League runners-up St Thomas A
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Week 18 - September 13

And then it was all over . . .


After 18 weeks of battle our summer league came to an end when the top team, Whipton B were at home to second team St Thomas A. Most of us thought there would be a real fight  but it ended with a 5-1 victory for Whipton, including the doubles it was 6-3. Si Holmes recorded a 180 for the home side and Julian Budd one for their visitors. Alen Curgenven had a 110 shot out. Congratulations to our league winners, Whipton B and also to St Thomas A our runners-up.


The third team, Jubilee, had a walkover against West B who failed to turn up.  Topsham and Whipton C had a close match with it going 4-4 and leg-and-leg before Whipton clinched it. Jack Goyne went out on 93 for the visitors. St Thomas B had their biggest win of the season beating Whipton A 8-1 while Polsloe recorded their second win by beating Heavitree 5-4, it was all down to the last leg!

I must thank Ross Goyne, our ex-chair, for presenting the trophies to the winners and runners-up as I couldn’t get up to Whipton on the night. Thanks Ross.


And now we’re off to the cold, rainy winter league which should be even better than last time. We have 12 teams registered including new teams Heavitree B and St Martin’s Football Club whose address you’ll find among the other paperwork your captain has received. Good luck to everyone!




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