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Singles comp - results

Singles competition - results

Four fantastic tournaments made up the singles comp on Tuesday, November 21st. They were held at clubs spaced across Exeter.  The West Railway Club, Polsloe and Priory, Whipton Social Club and Heavitree Club – this is how it went:

Whipton Social Club (14 players): Alan Curgenven 1 (nine-dart leg), Harry Hoare 2; Chris Tucker 2, Ross Goyne 1; Phil Ward 0, Kieran Peek (153 finish) 2; Adrian Hine 2, Wayne Hobbs 2; Jen Stokes 2, Mike Watkins 1; Sue Lewis 1, Eric Sparrow 2; Steve Kingdon and Simon Holmes had byes. Round two: Harry Hoare 2, Chris Tucker 1; Kieran Peek 2, Adrian Hine 1; Jen Stokes 1, Eric sparrow 2; Steve Kingdon 2, Simon Holmes 1; Semi-final: Harry Hoare 2, Simon Holmes 0; Kieran Peek 2, Steve Kingdon 0. Final: Kieran Peek 2, Harry Hoare 1.

At Heavitree Sports Club (11 players): Nick Staddon lost to Mike Anderson, Tony Lewis lost to Paul Richardson, Cameron Blackmore beat Gary Shields, Jake Mears lost to Harry Mayhew, Shane Bevan beat Jerry Alexander, and Sam Holmes had a bye. Second round: Mike Anderson lost to Paul Richardson, Cam Blackmore lost to Harry Mayhew and Shane Bevan beat Sam Holmes. Semi-final Paul Richardson beat Harry Mayhew. Final: Shane Bevan lost to Paul Richardson.

At Polsloe and priory CC (13 players): Dan Kennedy beat Olly Young 2-0, Aidan Mann had a bye, Claire Sprague lost to Rob Wilson 2-0, John Dawson had a bye, Keith Hartshorn beat Dan Bevan 2-1, Sam Partington lost to Roman Bilenkyj 2-0, Richard Baggs lost 2-0 to John Breban and Ronnie Webb had a bye. Second round: Dan Kennedy beat Aiden Mann 2-0, Rob Wilson beat John Dawson 2-0, Dan Bevan lost 2-0 to Roman Bilenkyj and John Breban beat Ronnie Webb 2-0. Semi-final: Dan Kennedy beat Rob Wilson 2-0, Roman Bilenkyj  lost to John Breban 2-0 (John scored a 180). Final: Dan Kennedy lost to John Breban 2-1.

At West Railway Club (eight players): Jordan Turner lost 2-1 to Brandon Stow, Don Burwood beat Nicole Goyne 2-0, Scott Foggin lost 2-1 to Tom Horn, and Wayne Price beat Georgie Hounslow 2-0. In the semi-final Don Burwood lost to Wayne Price 2-0 and Tom Horn lost 2-0 to Brandon Stow In the final Brandon Stow beat Wayne Price 2-0.

The four winners, Kieran Peek, Paul Richardson, John Breban and Brandon Stow, will play off on finals night, on Friday, May 10th, 2024 at a venue to be decided.


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Singles venues and draw

Runners and Riders for our Singles Competition
Tuesday, November 21

There are 63 entries who will play down to a winner at each venue listed below. The four winners will play off on Finals Night, to be held on Friday, May 10th, 2024 held at a venue to be decided.

Would all contenders please be present and signed in by 8.15 so we can make the draw for a prompt start at 8.30.

Whipton Social Club: Alan Curgenven, Phil Ward, Sue Lewis, Adrian Hine, Mark Watkins, Simon Holmes, Ross Goyne, Wayne Hobbs, Jen Stokes, Wayne Marchant, Tony Grabham, Chris Tucker, Harry Hoare, Eric Sparrow, Steve Kingdon, Kieran Peek. Official: Tony Grabham.

Polsloe and Priory CC: Ronnie Webb, Claire Sprague, Roman Bilenkyj, Sam Partington, Andy Hitchman, Mark Waycott, Dan Kennedy, Aidan Mann, John Brendan, Oliver Young, Keith Hartshorn, John Dawson, Rob Wilson, Dan Bevan, Andy Newham, Leigh Bennett. Official: Christine Harding.

British Rail West: Jake Wreford, Sid Peters, Brandon Stow, Georgie Houndslow, Nicole Goyne, Andy Farrell,Gareth Blackwell, Dave Bennett, Don Burwood, Tom Horn, Jordan Turner, Darren Western, Wayne Price, George Hall, Jack Goyne, Scott Fogin. Official: Terry Patch.

Heavitree Social Club: Sam Holmes, Julian Budd, Pete Chown, Ben Davis, Wayne Edworthy, Paul Richardson, Cameron Blackmore, Mike Anderson, Harry Mayhew, Jerry Alexander, Nick Staddon, Jake Mears, Tony Lewis, Gary Shields, Shane Bevan. Official: Tony Lewis.


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Food or No Food?
Most of our teams provide food paid for by a scratchcard bought by both teams. Three teams have opted out of providing food they are West Railway Club, Whipton B and Heavitree A. As far as we know the other nine teams continue to provide it - there is no rule which says food should be provided, it is entirely up to the teams.




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Knockout cup preliminary round

Knock-out Cup
These are the results of the preliminary round of the Knock-out Cup the winners will join teams who had byes in the prelim in the semi-final:
St Thomas A were at home to Whipton Labour and in a very tight game which ended  5-4 (Julian Budd 104 shot out) it was Labour who are through to the next round.
In the Derby match out at Heavitree the A team beat the B team 6-3. The A team was four-nil up but the singles ended 4-2, it was all over after the first doubles though. League leaders Jubilee (Jake Mearns finished on 150) made short work of visitors St Thomas B ( Mark Boyland started on 120) going seven up before St Tom took the final two pairs. Whipton C had a fine old time beating Polsloe and Priory 8-1 with Lee Drake the Polsloe winner. Roman Bilenkyj had a 180, Harry Mayhew a 114 start and Sam Holmes finished on 119 for the visitors.

The full line-up for the semi-final is: Jubilee, Heavitree A, Labour, Whipton C, Whipton A, West C, Whipton B, and St Martins.
The semi-finals will be on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, the draw is yet to be done and the venues are to be announced.


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